Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New New New

First of all:

The weaverknits/iknityouknot miteralong has come to a close. Only, mine might not be done, since I didn't crochet a neat little edging around the two sides that don't already have a nice border (my long-tail cast on made what amounts to white piping, I love it!) Also: hanging loop?

For our next trick, we'll be co-reading War and Peace. For real. As in I already bought it.

And speaking of weaverknits, guess what this is:It's a swatch for Tempest, which is soon to be my latest WIP. I'm going to use Knitpicks Shadow, held doubled. (The swatch is single-stranded on the left, and double on the right.) The color in the swatch is Lost Lake, which I got at the Windy City Knitting Guild's yarn swap last night. The swap was pretty awesome - who doesn't like getting rid of stuff they don't want in favor of stuff they do want, and donating to charity at the same time? All-around excellent. The only problem? I need another color. Suggestions?

At the other end of the WIP spectrum is my Shetland Triangle, made of Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester DK. (DISCLAIMER: it might actually be the aran weight, I have lost the tag into the depths of my stash.) I kind of want to toss it and eat it.It just needs a good blocking, which it will receive some evening this week. Possibly Friday, since I have the day off, because it's my birthday and my union is awesome like that.
I must admit, though, I do love it unblocked as well. Maybe I need to make another just like it to block?


weaverknits said...

Dude!!! I'm going to add "WarandPeacealong" to my Ravelry projects page as well! That is so awesome!!!

I love the green shawl in its present lettucy form, too, but I would block it. I like my shawls biiiiiiig.

KGLO said...

MMmm you should throw some ranch dressing on that unblocked goodness.

I actually haven't read that one yet...what a bad English major I am. Let me know how it goes!

And happy birthday! Cake? Sword fighting? Fireworks? Potato launcher?

KGLO said...

Oh, I love bubbles. eeee! :)

So I have my brick, I mean copy of W&P. Are we starting all together or like...whenever?