Monday, April 26, 2010

Stripes on Parade

The Pi Shawl, she is finished.

I used up almost all of my DK-weight partials in this project, yarns left over from a multitude of hats and other small projects from the last few years, which I finally sorted last winter - things like Felted Tweed, Silky Wool, Whiskey, Swish, and Matchmaker. I love how the colors are all mismatched, and yet the finished product ended up relatively harmonious and balanced (at least to my eye).

The border is Berroco Vintage Wool, the only yarn I purchased for this project. I almost got away with a single skein, but needed a second for the last foot or so of edging. I did the border on 7s, and the rest of the blanket on 5s.

After the blanket was done, I had a little bag full of much smaller scrap balls, so I set about to make a few hats. Two are finished, and a third is well under way. I've listed them in my Etsy shop, since I don't need any more hats, and since I need to start getting rid of things in preparation for our impending move west.

(clicking on the photos will take you to the Etsy listings)

Also new in the shop is this Trilobite hat, made from my Knitty pattern and a ball of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed.

Monday, April 12, 2010


While watching War of the Worlds this evening I paused to go to the bathroom a few times. Tyler was fed up and made a comment, after which we had the following conversation:

Me (yelling from the bathroom): "It's not my fault - Tom Cruise is a powerful diuretic!"

Tyler: "I think you mean Dianetic."