Monday, May 17, 2010


Mother's Day gifts!

For my mother: an Emily Shawl knit in Orkney Angora Incredible.

This yarn got up my nose a little while knitting, but it produced a beautiful (and very fluffy) fabric with more body than I expected. I love the finished product; it seems like it will be warm without being heavy.

This was my first time using blocking wires, and I'm definitely a convert. I can't believe I thought they'd be more hassle than they're worth - they made pinning so much easier than it normally is! I should have used more wires for the top edge of the shawl, but I was up way past my bedtime and wasn't thinking straight. Learning curve!

And a quilted table runner for Ilene, using the same block as this quilt I made (and did eventually finish) last year. I switched up the layout, which produced a cool laddery effect against the floral.

It ended up about 5' long and a little over 1' wide, which hopefully fits the table it was intended for. Rather than use bias tape I had (which didn't match at all) or make some myself (difficult!) I just left extra backing fabric all around the edges of the top and batting, then rolled it on over and used it for the binding. I'm sure there's a quiltery name for this, but I don't know what it is.

The floral fabrics are from Rowan and Heather Bailey, and the stripe is probably Rowan but I'm not positive.

If I had to pick a title for this, it would be The Gardener's Ladder. Not that you asked.