Thursday, May 21, 2009

16 Squares

This is what I've been doing lately:

It's the top of a quilt, which I finished piecing and ironing today during reruns of America's Next Top Model. Nothing like being unemployed on a weekday.

The fabrics are of somewhat mysterious origin: all from my stash, all purchased at different times and at different stores for different forgotten projects. The pattern is of my own devising - I charted it out on graph paper, trying to make the most of the odd amounts of fabric I had (1 yard of yellow, 1 1/2 yards of blue-green, 2 yards of blue). With the sashing, it's almost 5' square, and I'll probably be adding some wide borders to try to squeak up to 6'. It'll likely see duty on the sofa rather than the bed, but the bed seemed like the best place to spread it out for a photo.


KGLO said...

Love it! and isn't unemployment great? Sometimes I tell myself I work from home, which is sort of true...minus the paycheck.

Can't believe you designed it yourself, by the way. You are much much braver than I am.

weaverknits said...

GORGEOUS!!! Wow! Today is my day off from the bakery, and I'm sitting around watching Maury and knitting. So remember, even after you get a job you can treat your days off as Unemployment Days!