Thursday, September 8, 2011


Finished object alert!

An innocent looking capsule...

But lo - what is this?

Something begins to emerge!

Partially transformed,

Welcome, Octopus!

Pattern: Cephalohedron by Erica Schlueter
From: Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011
Yarn: Cascade 220 Sport
Needles: Size 4 US (16" circular and DPNs)

This pattern is awesome.  Clear and well-written (there was one minor error - see my Rav notes)  I love that I didn't have to sew any pieces - everything is knit together as you go, even the eyes!  Also, it is self-stuffing, so I didn't have to look for my elusive bag of ancient fiber-fill.  I started on Sunday and finished on Wednesday.  I could see making some of these as holiday gifts if I had any children on the list.

Cascade 220 Sport is also awesome.  The name is slightly misleading - it's only 164 yards - but this stuff has great stitch definition and is dirt cheap to boot.  It's just $4/a skein at the Fiber Gallery, and two skeins will definitely make two cephalohedrons, or possibly even three.  I really have no excuse not to make at least one more.


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AJ Zipper said...

I actually have a question for you about your trilobite hat pattern on Ravelry and didn't know where else to ask.

The pattern is made using a #4 yarn but am i able to use a #5 to make it a little floppy? Thank you in advance, LOVE your hat!!!